Thedessertprince: October 2013 Edition

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The everyday names I’ve been hearing: Kopi, Teh & Milo. With occasional Os and Cs as its variations.

They haunt me even when I’m asleep. The sight, smell and taste of coffee and tea are what I’ve been accustomed to since I was young. Back then, my parents always asked us (my two younger siblings and I) to help out at the coffeeshop which we could never enjoy. Hard work which involves more than just pacing up and down the rows of tables serving beverages and collecting empty cups, wiping tables that can never stay clean for more than a minute and even getting scalded by 100 degrees liquid. These are just two of the many mundane tasks I do on daily basis.

You didn’t read wrongly. I do come from a family who runs and manages coffeeshop for a living. Something that I don’t go around telling everyone I meet. Not because I feel lowly of my family background but rather it’s one of those life experiences that everyone express envy but can’t understand and relate to. I mean how many of us have parents who run a similar family business? I personally know a handful friends in the similar predicament as I am but what about the rest?

Can you relate the constant hustle and bustle of working daily at a coffeeshop?

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Making coffee has been my family tradition for many years but I could never appreciate the concept of seilling coffee. Let alone envisioning myself brewing a cup of Hainanese style coffee. I loathe at the idea of helping out at the coffeeshop and I really do. It takes away time from going out with my friends and being a physically exhaustive job, when I reached home, I just want to have my dinner and turn in for the night early.

That is why you didn’t read much posts and reviews last month, September 2013. Because I spent most my time at the coffeeshop. I mean how can I always be enjoying life when I look at my mum slogging her ass off just for this family with no complains? My heart cringes whenever I see new scars on her once tai-taish hands. I don’t care what others say about me but family is everything to my mum and in turn, my mum is very important to me. So if I can relief some of her workload, then why not?

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Like I said in the earlier part of this post. I’ve been helping out at the family’s business since young. So I’m fully aware of what needs to be done. But this time is not quite the same for I’ve been picking up the trade from my mum. Learning all the “inside tips” of making good coffee. While I can’t say I have fully grasped everything she impart to me, I can definitely man the stall by myself for short burst of time just in case my mum gets too busy. At the rate I’m practicing, I can definitely hold my grounds against those mega coffee chains like Toast Box and Ya Kun which I have to say is not just overprice just for a small glass but also inconsistent due to perhaps a lack of passion?

Now now now. I’m not issuing a challenge just in case you were wondering but it has spurs me to think about setting up my own cafe/coffee house. I want to do something that is different like brewing coffee like what my parents are doing now. The coffee culture now is so bias towards western style coffee. No one is given any attention to old school brewing methods. For instance, have you tried coffee with butter or even heard of almond milk tea? These are just somethings that you don’t see everyday but I reckon it will be a great loss if somebody doesn’t continue the trade.

Of course, all these are just talks and dreams. I’m not expecting everything to be materalise in the near future too soon. I’m just not ready for that.

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I can expect October to be nothing different. I will be working half the time at the coffeeshop with the occasional “off days” to go out afternoon tea and shopping with my friends. If I have the energy, you can bet that I will be blogging just to share with you how my life has been.

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