Thedessertprince: September 2013 Edition

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My return from a brief staycation at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel signals the coming of the last quarter of the year. Looking back at the events that occurred within the nine month time frame, I think it was sheer determination that I could achieve so much. From my decision to restart blogging after it crashed last year to being where I am now as the guy to go to when you need food across all my friends. Even more astounding when people whom I’m meeting for the first time telling me that they’ve always been following closing about my food reviews.

Of course I alone couldn’t just acknowledge all the credit for myself. I have to thank my friends for risking health and money just to sit and eat with me. For my mum who is my number 1 spokeperson going around sharing with friends and strangers alike about her son’s food blog. Trust me, you have no idea how awfully awkward I feel when I’m suddenly faced with questions from the restaurateurs and hawker owners about their signature dishes. I reckon if I was anymore popular, I would be signing autographs in public already.

And on the serious note, my heartfelt gratitude to the online readers whom never really express their opinions but always diligently clicking on my blog link for new posts. Silence as you all are, my blog stats will prove otherwise how active you’ve been clicking down to my first post. Just last month alone my blog hit a new high at 14.9k pageviews and you have no idea how delighted I was! Surely the rewards goes more than just increasing blog traffic, fame and recognition but at least it does show people my blog is worth reading. That alone is more than enough to keep me writing and typing on.

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I know I was supposed to showcase the vibrant food scene of Tampines last month but well… I didn’t managed to live up to my words. I also know it will be plain excuse to say I’m busy but the truth is I’m really really busy!

That’s the thing about picking food blogging as your hobby. I just can’t find a proper timing to travel considering that I have so many lunch and dinner appointments with everyone. As they say Rome is not built in one day so do give me some time to sort out and make arrangements. I’m pretty sure one day you might just be reading my personal guide to Tampines. So you just wait.

Last but not least, I’m sure you noticed that my blog underwent a new look. I can’t say it is near completion yet but it does has a much more appealing overlook than ever before. I didn’t do much say only to went through pages after pages on Google looking for the perfect theme. I shall leave it to you to explore for the time being and once I’m thoroughly done with designing a proper logo already, then I shall devote one post just to introduce my new revamped blog to you.

In the mean time, have a great mid-autumn festival everyone!

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