Thedessertprince’s Introduction to April 2013

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I decided to launch a monthly introduction on every first week of the month. The introduction would give you a summary about what to expect in the next four weeks. You will also get to read about my own little reflection about life.

Take it as something like a treat to go with your tea while you chance upon my blog in the afternoons alright?


It’s been five months since I relaunched my blog and after going through so many tribulations all in the name of optimising the best out of this blog. If you hadn’t realised, just about everything on this blog is either manually created or typed individually. The only thing that I probably didn’t create myself is the fancy purple theme but even so, I still have to clean up and make various editing in order to keep it nice and prim!

I have to learn everything and anything from scratch but thankfully I have good people giving me good advice…

Blogging is my passion and it always cheers me up whenever I see the sudden spike in the stats. And I’m proud to say after five months, I finally reached my first 10k! Although still a huge far cry from my previous blog with an average of 10k pageviews per month, it’s still an achievement!

So a huge thanks to all those that go around and sharing this little space of mine because without all of you, I think I would still be a nobody.


Another achievement which I must share is…

After three years of tertiary education, I have finally graduated from my course! I could write another long-winded post about how I landed myself in social work and go on about my own little experience but I guess the people who attended the event as well as the minister herself would already knew about it since someone tried to use my example in her speech…

What are friends for right?


Unknowingly, I have gain quite a reputation that my life revolves around eating and sipping tea… I don’t think it’s a lie but neither do I think it’s the truth. I’m quite a reflective boy. I like to think big and dream bigger.

So after giving much thought, I have also decided to add a little personal touch to this blog. So the next time you decide to click on my blog to read where’s that next awesome place to dine at, I would also like you to take away with a little thinking. You can already read some of my thoughts here, here and here.

I do hope you enjoy my poetic style of writing though…

Edward's Birthday in K1, 2

So what should you expect out of me for the month of April you might wonder…

Well to me, April is the most important month of the year as my birthday falls on the 27th day. I won’t be content just celebrating for one day. I am quite a popular guy and I have too many friends and kins to just say “Hey! I’m gonna have a birthday party. Will you be coming?”

Maybe one fine day I might just consider that but I personally prefer to give individual time to small groups of friends. I think it’s more personal compare to a large scale event where people just wish then eat and just go. I just can’t wait for all the fun I’m gonna have in the next 30 days to come.¬†Yup, your eyes ain’t playing a trick on you. It’s full 30 days of celebration and I already thought of a post to summaries all the fun I’m going to have…

Celebrating a boy’s 20th birthday in 30 days.

Just stay tune to find out more!

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