Thedessertprince’s Introduction to June 2013

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Ahh Ha! It’s June, the coming of the half year mark. I expect that you’ll be sick hearing this but time really flies especially when you enjoy every minute of it. This is also a period for me to recuperate and rest for my work at the agency has come to and end. Come to think of it, I had spent more than six months with a bunch of fun colleagues from a clueless intern to a trained staff bearing the title as Associate Case Manager.

It is a really special period in my life since this is the place where I first begin working and earning my own salary. It’s so much different depending on mummy for my allowance. Of course, I spend my monies wisely if not I would be too broke to fund my cafe hopping hobby!

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Set that financial issue aside, I really learn a lot from this one-of-a-kind Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO). I am not gonna share the entire service of my agency¬† but if you’re keen, do visit the website and find out what they do.

I’m gonna miss this place but it’s not really goodbye since my colleagues expect me to return almost every other day for lunch. I think that is just crazy but I wouldn’t mind heading down once in a while to visit them either. It’s just the perfect excuse to check out all the eateries in Tiong Barhu!

As I have mentioned earlier in this post. I need a good rest before I find another job but for the whole month of June, you won’t see short of food reviews. Since I have extra time, I might just show you my inside life as a food blogger and all the things I have to do just to make sure you have something to read as a bedtime story.

So stay tune and have a fantastic 30 days of June!

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