Thedessertprince’s Introduction to May 2013

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Time really flies when you’re busy enjoying life. As April draws to an end, I sit back and contemplate all the birthday celebrations I had with my friends and family members. It sure was nothing short of fun though now when I think back, it was kinda excessive. Just about every other day I’m meeting a different friend or a group of them.

Surely it was the perfect excuse to try new places but I’m just thankful that I could still wear that same office outfit after eating that much.

But well, one can never ask for too many friends right?


April was also a month of mishaps and sickness. Though they didn’t befall upon me but looking at how much my loved ones are going through is not something that I could just walk away and say “everything will be fine“.

I wished I could do a bit more but I know there’s nothing much to be done. The least I could do is to say a little prayer and hoped for the best for all of them.

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I doubt there is someone out there who is superbly good at procrastinating like I always do. Two months ago, I proclaim on this site that I will do up my guide to Tiong Barhu and two months from now, nothing seems to be quite done. I try not to find excuses for my laziness but sometimes I am either too beat up to type anything good or too busy about my daily life.

I could hardly find time to even sit down and chill even though my friends often think I’m very free. How I wish they could see the busier side of my life. But anyway, I have summoned my will  to spend my May doing up Tiong Barhu guide as well as my other favourite places of interest.

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So what will you be expecting from me during the month of May?

The completion of all my birthday posts as well as my guides to some of Singapore’s foodie paradises! Now that’s something to look forward to right?

Just stay tune to find out more!

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