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It’s so cruel that I gets to spend so much with everyone but so little with you. Two hours a day and only after sunset. I sincerely think it ain’t even long enough to compose a symphonic conversation of the day. It frustrates you and me but what to do? Study hard and work hard. That’s the life of most Singaporean youths. It’s kinda predicable, routine and after a while (say maybe a year or two) the dryness starts to kick in. And there you have it at the back of your brain: life sucks.

*Sigh* But anyway…

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How I wish a day has 48 instead 24. So I could have a little more time to do the things I want and not just focusing on those daily things that needs to be done. Task like going on those cafe-hopping sprees at Tiong Barhu or even Duxton Hill (which by the way I haven’t been for months) or even planning a day’s outing like a picnic or kite-flying. I never tell you this but I always kept a checklist of things running 24/7 in my head. What should we do today or the next day or even the next next day! I have them all in my head.

But time is never on our side and my plans for you never seems to materialise. We work hard and we study hard but somehow we never get to play hard like what those advocates of balanced lifestyle say. Life just doesn’t work that way. We just have to make do with the two hours or less. Whatever time is left, we hug we cuddle we bid our last words and head for bed just to continue what we hate the following day. Sidetrack a bit, I do dream of you just in case you want to know but never dare to ask.

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And how I wish time could travel a little slower just for my sake. I miss those moments where it’s just you and me sitting by the bench, talking everything under the Sun Moon quite literally. And in between those silly conversations, there will always be periods of silent. Some might find it awkward and make attempts to break the silence but for me, I quite enjoy these in-between breaks. Irregardless of a bad or boring day, I realised looking deep into your eyes is enough bring a smile onto my face. I could look at you the whole night without having to blink my already tired eyes and think to myself.

How blessed I am to have you in my life. 

Sad to say time stops for no one. It is fleeting fast and non-recoverable. But that’s also the beauty of time. It makes us cherish life even more and it makes me love you forever long.

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