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IMG_0155 (FILEminimizer)When my friends and I talk about Bedok 85, I’m pretty sure the last thing that would pop up in their heads would be a potential place to do some cafehopping. The place is more famous for its hawker centre and the endless debate between which bak chor mee stalls is better.

On a side note, I think I will buy from whichever that has the shortest queue if I’m there craving for a bowl but that’s another review to begin right?IMG_0153 (FILEminimizer)I’m pretty sure To-gether Cafe has been around for quite a while since my instagram account shows someone checking into this neat place every now and then. Yet it’s still fairly unknown to the public unless you’re a foodie always keeping track of new cafes like me or you just happen to stay within the vicinity.

You can’t miss this cafe located along a stretch of shophouses with one  bicycle shop and another squeaky bird shop. Quite a weird location to have a cafe and to think it could survive and thrive right?DSC_0798.NEF (FILEminimizer)I come here at least once a month maybe even twice if I’m on my weekend cycling mood. Taking a breather in between my journey from Tampines to East Coast chilling with their coffee drink. And I must say their coffee beverages are to my liking. I don’t enjoy acidic coffee especially when I want my drink icy.

Coffee here ranges from $3.00 to $5.00 which is definitely way cheaper than those in town.  Did I mention that everything here is net price too? I guess that’s the advantage heartland cafes have over those in the middle of the island- Cheaper rental which translates into affordable food for us consumers.
IMG_0149 (FILEminimizer)Being a cafe, they definitely serve desserts here but I never took a second glance at their petite cakes. Maybe I’m just biased towards stacked and tall cakes so I can’t comment much about their cheese and mousse cakes till I try it myself someday.

But their lava cakes are worth coming for an after-meal treat. On my many trips here, I see students going there sharing one molten cakes among two. They come in two flavours: Chocolate Lava Cake ($3.80) & Matcha Lava Cake ($4.80). I find both equally good so I shall not influence you which one is better till you try one yourself.
Together Cafe1 (FILEminimizer)On my previous trip here, I managed to try some of their main courses. I thought their Grilled Ribeye Steak ($16.90) was decent that is until my lunch buddy’s Bake Japanese Curry Rice ($8.50) was served to him. It was one huge portion of baked curry rice blanketed by a thick layer of soft and hard cheese crust. Fans of japanese curry and baked cheese! You get my hint?IMG_0148 (FILEminimizer)To sum it off, To-gether Cafe is definitely one gem for cafe hoppers staying the east.  Their price tags are decent without compromising quality and portion size. I think that’s why I wouldn’t mind frequenting this cafe despite of the fact that newer ones spouting up elsewhere.

Do come on the weekdays or the after weekend brunch timing to avoid wasting waiting time. And I think they are expanding their cafe space since I saw some renovation work just next door.IMG_0160 (FILEminimizer)Anyone still in the mood for another round of fun? How about the latest addition to Bedok North- IScream? Or maybe Milk & Honey Gelato so I can redeem my free waffle soon…

To-gether Cafe
84 Bedok North St 4,  #01-27
Singapore 460084
Tel: +65 6445 1011

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