Together Cafe Bedok North Singapore III

IMG_2737 (FILEminimizer)I have without a doubt this is my favourite cafe in Singapore. Tucked along a previously deserted stretch of shophouses. With plywood walls sticked or pinned with positive quotes all over and the relatively cozy feel that makes one feel right at home in. It has a certain quality that few cafes have ever boast having. I can’t lay a solid word on it but I guess when you found a nice place to chill, you will just wanna come back for more.

Their existence along the stretch of bird shops are no longer a secret. Even the newly extended space can’t fit everyone on a Friday night crowd so it speaks much about their popularity.IMG_2741 (FILEminimizer)I had countless encounters of other eateries that impressed me on my first visit but by the second or even a third visit, I end up disliking the cafe. Either their kitchen have changed chefs or they just can’t cope with the endless wave for cafehoppers. Food came out fast but it’s almost always sloppy and even sometimes undercooked!

I can’t say the same for Together. I came here on a Wednesday for lunch and I was surprised to see students and office ladies filling up the place. I didn’t have any prior reservations but lucky me, I found seats (near the toliet though but no complains).IMG_2742 (FILEminimizer)Our pastas came pretty fast. I say within 15 minutes? I would give plus points for effort and presentation but taste wise? My partner’s time tested Carbonara ($7.90) as well as my Italian Meatball Spaghetti  didn’t disappoint.

Presented my student card and I paid $7.00 for my meatball pasta as well as $2.50 for add-on Iced Dark Chocolate. They do pretty darn good ice lemon tea here too!

I doubt I will want to keep writing about sequence visits here anymore. I think three posts about one place is enough and besides, everyone wants to read new places too. But seriously, I wouldn’t visiting here in my spare time because there’s just isn’t much cafes that can rival my so-many visits to Together Cafe.

To-gether Cafe
84 Bedok North St 4, #01-27
Singapore 460084
Tel: +65 6445 1011
Closed on Mondays

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