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Among all the ice creams palours I’ve tried in Singapore, Tom’s Palette is the one that I always return for more. I would go to the extend and say this is one of my top 3 places to go for ice creams with the other two being Island Creamery and Udders. It’s like almost any other palours I go for something creamy and cold, I will always use these 3 places as my benchmark.

Sounds pretty unfair right?

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Maybe I am just bias or I just have my own favourites but the truth is there are just not many ice creams shops in Singapore that is as successful and as delicious as Tom’s Palette! Be it having a nice hippy environment for desserts or being spoilt for choices. Apart from the two mentioned earlier, I just don’t see these factors in other places as quite the same for Tom’s Palette.

If not I wouldn’t have always make it a point to return for their ice creams almost every time I’m in the vicinity right? I guess that speaks how much I crave and rave about their ice creams too. For most of the time when I am there savoring my cold scoops, I will make it a point to try the newer flavours being showcase to the crowd. It’s free anyway just to sample a little bit of everything so why not right?

Forget about their Salted Egg Yolk which has sort of become their iconic flavours. There was even a Candy Crush flavour during the hype of the game but on my last visit, I didn’t really enjoy the Soy Bean & You Tiao and I thought cold stale fried doughs were the last ingredients I ever want in my desserts.

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Personally, I always seem to opt for their fruity flavours like their Salted Yuzu and Lychee. Apple Cinnamon was made perfect but awesomeness has definitely got to be their Rum & Raisins! I think Tom’s Palette has the best if not my friends who also love the place wouldn’t be their loyal fan.

Ice creams here comes in three cup sizes. Mainly small ($3.20), medium ($4.20) and large ($5.20). They might have increased their prices since my last visit, I still think it’s still reasonably affordable considering that where they are located.

Just a tip: Small is never enough and large is overkill so a medium cup with two different flavours will do suffice. Opt for the waffles or cones if you want but the highlight is always their ice creams.

Tom’s Palette’s Ice Cream
Shaw Leisure Gallery #01-25
100 Beach Road Singapore 189702
Tel: +65 6296 5239

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