Tom’s Palette Ice Cream Shaw Leisure Gallery Singapore

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Ice creams are one of the best things in life. Although they only come in one shape, they do come in all sort of flavours you can ever imagine and at Tom’s Palette, they just outdo the possibilities every now and then. Some are just awesome like Earl Grey and Yuzu while some are just weird. Anyone willing to try Salted Egg flavour? See what I mean? For your info, I did had a sample once and I still don’t quite like it. Well, at least you can’t fault me for not trying!

Flavours are always on a rotational basis so as a rule of thumb, I always sample a few new flavours before buying since you never know you might fall in love with a new taste. Indeed the rich Hazelnut Latte with a hinge of bittersweet coffee aftertaste and the creamy white Coconut are now on my list of favourite scoops!

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Don’t hesitate trying a scoop of Melt & Sizzle which is one of the more nostalgic taste that the ice cream parlour has to offer. I have never get drunk on alcoholic ice creams but if you want that pack a punch, feel awed by licking the strong liquor of your spoon with Rum & Raisins! It’s a must-have flavour for my friend whenever he’s chilling at the shop.

Tom’s Palette is one of my favourite ice cream parlours in Singapore. It’s a must go place especially if you’re teen checking out affordable places to hang out with your friends. If you’re a student of selected tertiary institutions, you can enjoy a 10% off your ice creams! But it’s just not fair that this entitlement isn’t extended to NYP students. What a bummer and I can only wonder why…

Tom’s Palette’s Ice Cream
Shaw Leisure Gallery #01-25
100 Beach Road Singapore 189702
Tel: +65 6296 5239

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