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Everyone is saying we should all take the chance while we are still young and travel aboard. A bagpack trip or a leisure package tour. Everywhere is fine so as long you make plans to go somewhere you have never go.

To experience the sights and sounds of the common people in their respective countries. Maybe visit the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil or the Colosseum; left behind by Rome? There are so many wonders to visit and see but personally my wish is to have a nice picnic under the iconic Eiffel Tower with someone I fancy.

Isn’t that romantic? I think it is…

Traveling aboard might sound nice and dreamy but the cost and the expenses are definitely a huge turn off for most people who are strapped of cash. Let’s not forget our busy schedules that never really seems to end even for a single day.

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 Ever consider traveling as a local?

There are so many places to see even for a little red dot like Singapore. Ever been to Haji Lane or Bugis Street? They are a shopper paradise with blogshops and vinatge fashion stores all conveniently in these streets. If you are a foodie like me, try Duxton Hill or Tiong Barhu! With cafes and restaurants all famous enough to win bloggers and local editors reviews. It sure speaks highly of the place dont you agree?

There are so many other place that even I hardly or never really visit. My country might be small but it’s definitely still big enough to explore! So before you think about traveling aboard, why not explore the streets of Singapore first…

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