Twelve Cupcakes Millenia Walk Singapore: That ever-expanding cupcake shop

P1050606.RW2 (FILEminimizer)I’ve heard much about the craves and raves of cupcakes. It’s almost like seeing people playing candy crush in trains and buses. Addictive is the word I would use to describe such craze. Everyone is attracted to pretty cupcakes especially those that with beautiful piped icings and fancy decorations. I think it’s a human thing. We just love to seek the finer things in life.

I watch the popular Twelve Cupcakes grow and expand from their take-away store at United Square, Novena and cafe concept at Millenia Walk to almost all the major shopping malls in Singapore like Bugis Junction and Vivo City. A visit to their website and you might have realise their plans to expand into the neighboring countries. Personally I always prefer consistency and quality to convenience. Having so many outlets either means everything is factory-produced or crafted by different bakers. Both of which signals to me the lack  of what I seek in good desserts.

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That is just me. I like to know that my food is prepared by the same person every time I visit but I’m guessing it’s every business owner to see their own establishment prosper and expand.  I shall not be too bias about them since I’m having their cupcakes for the first time.

This is no critical post and don’t get me wrong that I am no fan of cupcakes. I love them especially those  nice colourful frosting and fillings too! But I’m a self-professed baker and cupcakes are one of those things which I have to say I bake them pretty well! Everyone says my cupcakes are fitting for afternoon tea. That is provided I have a kitchen and a nice oven since my mum doesn’t let me use her kitchen. Just asking, anyone has a place for me to bake?

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As I mentioned earlier, I don’t always have cupcakes unless they are worth having. What caught my attention about Twelve Cupcakes are surely the perfect piping skills on each of the petite muffins. It takes skills and a pair of steady hands to perform something we so take for granted. Trust me I know since I train myself when I was young.

Among the six assorted treats my friend bought, I would pick Cookies And Cream as well as Mocha. I’m quite a chocolate fan and a fussy one too. So if I say it suit me, I’m saying it’s rich and chocolatey! But the one that I love the most would surely be the Lychee cupcake with the subtle hinge of the fruit. It’s great but it might be better with an addition of rose.

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Cupcakes these days are pretty expensive. Hovering $3 and more, you can’t really buy much without feeling a pinch in your wallets. So it’s best to be innovative and share them among friends. So what’s my conclusion about Twelve Cupcakes? If I could summarized my thoughts about them, it will be like this:

An ever-expanding cupcake shop that is gaining everyone’s attention and let’s hope they don’t compromise their quality for accessibility.

Twelve Cupcakes
Millenia Walk #01-52
9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 9pm, daily

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  1. Bakertan

    Hi Edward,

    If you don’t mind, we can bake together. I am a self-taught baker and I have a cupboard full of essential baking tools and utensils and also a mini library of baking books. It would be fun to exchange pointers on baking. I stay in the north area.


    • thedessertprince

      It would be my privilege to even watch a baker like you in action. Yeah, maybe we should have one baking session or two if time permits. Don’t worry, I will help out in the washing part too!

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