Udders Ice Cream Thomson Road Singapore

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I know Udders has quite a few outlets across the island and they recently set up a kiosk right smack in my house area, Tampines but I just have a particular preference with their Novena outlet. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s a nice place to chill with friends and family alike with ice creams of very kind. But if you do visit any of their parlours, you must try out their alcoholic ice creams like  Bailey’s & Bourbon and Rum & Raisins. It’s almost like drinking the liquor itself but I doubt you will ever get drunk from ice creams right? But if you ask me, my personal favourite would have to Tiramisu. I daresay it’s one of the best ice creams I had in my life!

If you can’t take the liquor ones, how about sticking to old school ones like Strawberry Fields which has little little strawberry bits that makes the whole licking experience akin to eating the real red berry. Awesomely Chocolate which has chocolate shavings but I thought the rich dark chocolate was too much even for a chocolate fan like me.

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If you like rich and intense flavours like I love my ice creams to be, you might want to give their Alphonso Mango Sobert a chance. Trust me, it’s a choice you will never regret. Most of my friends would know that I’m a great fan of Earl Grey tea and I’ll leap at any chance to try Udder’s Earl Grey. When I was done with mine, all I wished was have another scoop and another and another. Ice Creams at Udders come in 3 categories: Classic, Premium and Connoisseur and if you know your market well, Udders is easily one of the more expensive outlet in town.

Unless I have extra cash to spare, I think I will just stick with Tom instead.

Udders Ice Cream
155 Thomson Road, Singapore 307608
Tel: +65 6254 6629
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon to 11pm
Friday, Saturday and eve of PH: 12 noon to 12 midnight

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