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Nothing could be more important as to start the new year right. For some of us, it would be setting new resolutions to ensure we spend the next 365 days wisely. Others might wanna take the day to chill and relax and probably waste the day off given their daily hectic life. And then you have people like me- who just need to start the year right with food. If you know my family well, we are a bunch of people (young & old) who wouldn’t travelling far and wide just to satisfy our cravings or even sometimes, just to try something new (not necessary always good).

Given such a perfect excuse to feast, how about an international buffet where we can eat our fill! But nope I was thinking somewhere along the line of affordable and good. Somewhere like Victor’s Kitchen over at Sunshine Plaza. It’s a time tested place and I’m a self professed fan of their dim sums particularly their flowly and full of salted egg custardy goodness LSB (Liu Sha Bao)! I swear I could down all three in a basket at one go and more if I’m hungrier!

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But of all good places why here? I mean why even bother squeezing and sharing tables with complete strangers just for dim sums that isn’t intricately presented like those in the restaurants or even hotels. Even the price off their now limited menu is now comparable to the expensive counterparts in town. (They did increased the prices by $1.00 to $1.50 compared to my previous visit a year ago) and you will feel surprise that they are still drawing large crowds. It’s one of those few places I must pray for a table and still come early if not I will have to join in the queue and still wait an hour?

It’s because I realised I have never brought them here. Every time I drop by to Victor’s, I come with friends and almost always the same group of them. Of course, my family initially didn’t quite like the idea of having their first brunch here. Look at the place! It’s messy and disorganised! But that’s also the charm of this shop- what my aunt call that 平民化 feel or commoner way of life. No frills and no need fancy dressings just like having a meal at the local coffeeshop.

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We all love that feel even some of my rich friends prefer dressing like a commoner than being uptight about what is smart casual or semi-formal. Come in your favourite T-shirts shorts and slippers. Grab that Liu Sha Bao ($4.50) before all is gone and watch as molten yellow spill everywhere on the table plate and even your shirt if you aren’t careful like my two brothers did.

But whatever you do, don’t try to do what my mum did: an attempt to bite half of the bun. Experienced foodie like you and me should know what happens when insulated heat get sudden release. Fortunately for her, she did have 3 cups of ice milk tea to cool off afterwards.

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Or you can be like my aunt trying to order more and more for fear her three nephews (including me) with monstrous appetite would fight more food. We sure did order so much that everyone just couldn’t resist taking a second look at our table piping full of plates and baskets. But whatever you do, just make sure you don’t order everything at one go. Most of their dim sums like the XO Sauce Steamed Carrot Cake ($4.50) are best eaten whilst still hot.

It’s almost a year or more since I last step into this petite dim sum shop. Although their prices now is almost the same as Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Singapura, their standards are still the same. I would still come back here with my family again but I doubt we will want to spend $130 here like we unbelievably did. It’s really a scene of over-ordering and overeating but at least we finished everything and that’s what I love about my family. We hardly enjoy wasting food.

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Food. What a good way to kick start the new year!

Victor’s Kitchen
Sunshine Plaza #01-21
91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652
Tel: +65 9838 2851
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 8pm daily
Closed on Mondays

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