We all must grow up someday

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Days turn to months and months phases into years.
Things never happen the same way twice.
Gone were the days where pursing happiness was much more simplified.
Like a child feeling over the moon when he knows he’s going to the zoo?
Or even that sigh of relief knowing that you pass the major exam with exceeding results!

Yeah…┬áThose were the days where life was all about having fun.
Forget about studying for the next spelling or dictation test whatever those nonsense are called.
Or running to the nearest LAN shop right after school and have dota sessions the entire afternoon.
How about playing catching or blind mice at the playground despite being outgrown for that kind of games.
And for some of us, clueless and flustered over the movie date of our lives.

But you see. We must all grow up one day.
Take on more responsibility someday.
No more gaming sessions but more meetings in office conference.
No more running around or screaming at the top of your lungs but just more and more work.
When love shrivels and we start saying time to move on because we got no time for anything else but more work.

Opportunity doesn’t always come knocking on our doors.
But what if and just what if…
We get to rewrite history of our lives all over again?
Or undo the wrongs we wished we never did.
Or just relive those moments close to our hearts.

Lives will forever be change but for good or for worst…
No one can really say. Apart from the Guy above our heads.
We all have regrets & unfulfilled wishes but we all must grow up someday.
Cast them behind. They are just learning lessons of life.
Who’s to say the future look dull just because of our painful past?

I say the path to our promised lands is as bright as it has always been…

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