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DSC_0841.NEF (FILEminimizer)Up until recently, I always thought the entire historical district of Kampong Glam was a place devoid of anything interesting (food wise that is). Haji Lane was more like a sleepy lane before more unique boutique shops moved in while middle eastern cafeterias weren’t quite to my liking.

But I’ve been reading many reviews about the cafes there lately. Only to realise that the entire community has a pretty vibrant cafe culture now that could rival any foodie enclaves.

I found quite a handful of which a few I have went more than once just because I love the cafe vibe or simply just wanna something that caught my eye from the previous visits. One of which; Working Title, a cafe along Arab Street that I have bookmarked at the back my head.

IMG_3530-edit (FILEminimizer)Photo obtained from

On first look, it doesn’t seem hippie at all. Cold hard tables with metallic chairs with rather intentionally run-down interior look? Did I mentioned it’s also rather dark too (even though it’s bright sunny outside). I don’t find it comfortable sitting in intentionally dimmed places. Let’s not about talk about photography in here.

Tsk tsk tsk. Doesn’t entice you to drop by right?

But I shall give you another reason to visit here. Take my advice- walk all the way in, pass the kitchen counter then through the door and viola! A really cozy open concept space fitted with sofa and comfy armchairs. It’s almost like alfresco dining just with the cool breeze from the AC blowing overhead.

DSC_0871.NEF (FILEminimizer)Menu was rather comprehensive encompassing anywhere from pizzas and finger snacks to main course and simplified brunch. The lasagna seems like a good choice or how about the good old classic deep fried fish and chips?

There’s a lot to choose from but nothing in particular that I desire after glancing through each narrative descriptions. But come here on the weekdays say from 1pm to 3pm just for their set lunches. At $9.90  for a sandwich set or $14.90 for a main course that comes with a soup of the day and drink, this is as good as an excuse to use up your remaining cash at another cafe or order a dessert to share.

DSC_0858.NEF (FILEminimizer)While I reckon my lunch partner’s Smoked Salmon Sandwich with focaccia bread and chips serving was dull and plain compared to what I ordered- The One And Only Burger That We Used To Have. The name doesn’t invoke much within me.

Probably because I’m not a vivid fan of bread and meat combination but I have to admit that this is a pretty a decent beef burger to make a meal out of. Although I think it would have better if the beef patty was a little more juicer.

DSC_0869.NEF (FILEminimizer)As for the truffle fries that came along? Let’s just say that when you have tried pretty good ones out there, chances are you won’t suffice for anything mediocre. So reminding yourself: It’s only a simple no-frill lunch.

DSC_0715.NEF (FILEminimizer)Their desserts are instantaneously recognisable to any experienced cafe hoppers. Pies from Windowsill, gourmet ice cream sandwiches from The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. as well as cakes from various and famous local cakeries.

It might not pleases you to know cafes these days outsource their pastries and cakes. But hey! I would rather have something that has stood through the test of time (and reviews) than one that seems unworthy of my body’s daily calories intake or worst; unappealing and disastrously presented. Trust me, I’ve seen and taste a lot of bad desserts to make the statement above.

DSC_0708.NEF (FILEminimizer)Overall, I find Working Title a nice cafe to pop by if you’re in the vicinity. While the food here wasn’t exceptionally impressive, the prices and the backdoor ambience is always worthy another revisit from me. I probably wouldn’t mind a few finger snacks and craft beers the next time I’m here too.

Working Title
48 Arab Street, Singapore 199748
Tel: +65 9734 4187

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