Yuan Fa Shou Shi Ang Mo Kio Singapore: Rojak so good, I just have to come back 3 times in a month!

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Hawker food can be great if you know where to look. Places like Bedok and Old Airport Road could easily harbor hawker legends. I think I will post up stuffs about hawker food in time to come which will hopefully clear up some assumptions about me being a haughty boy who hardly eat at hawker centers.

For my first hawker post, I’m gonna share one of my most relished dish in the world of hawker food, rojak. I like to think of the dish like the Chinese version of a Caesar salad. But if you look closely into the anatomy of all the ingredients that goes into the making one a good rojak, you will find chopped cucumbers and sliced pineapples then mixed in with grilled youtiaos and taupoks and finally stirring and tossing everything in thick dark sweet and tangy sauce then top off with a heap of peanuts.

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Located at Mayflower Food Center, there’s an unassuming stall call Yuan Fa Shou Shi that make seriously good rojaks! What sets them different from other rojaks makers as well as me enjoying their rojaks would be being ensured that the youtiaos are only grilled upon ordering. This makes the fried fritters crisp and hot which most stalls would neglect to do so. I just hate cold and hard youtiaos and stale ones makes it even worst!

Another plus point about them would be how they actually slice and toss limes into the rojaks. You might think that this would cause the whole dish to turn sour but trust me, it made the eating experience for me so much palatable if not very refreshing. This wouldn’t  been made possible if the ingredients weren’t tossed and coated well with fermented prawn paste sweet sauce. It’s a very important process that is certain.

Across the board of good rojaks, most of them would contain more or less the same ingredients but what sets the good from the best are often a times defined by something innovative use of preparation methods. At Yuan Fa Shou Shi, their innovative use of sliced lime instead of lime juice and generous if not mountainous servings justified 3 visits from me in a single month.

Yuan Fa Shou Shi
Mayflower Food Center #01-21
Blk 162 Ang Mo Kio Avenue Singapore 560162

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